X mas story

It was the night before Xmas

Sue decorated the house and bought everyone presents

Sue cooked for everyone

On Xmas day everyone came to Sue’s party

They opened presents, enjoyed the food, laughed a lot & then they all left

Sue felt tired

Sue felt annoyed

Sue felt irritated

She felt she did all the cooking, spent so much money buying expensive presents


Everyone just came, ate, took the presents

And left

All she got was a bunch of flowers and a couple of hand made cards saying how lovely she is

Then Sue sat down to think

What present would have made Sue the happiest?

Expensive watch? Designer dress?

What is it that she was really expecting

Sue thought some more…

What is my happiness?

Sue decided her happiness was:

Being appreciated & loved

⁃ she looked around and the flowers were there to show how well people thought of her. Sue considered that flowers represent natural beauty & grace – she liked the idea of being thought like that by the person who bought the flowers.

Sue cheered up a little.

⁃ She looked at the hand made cards – one said she was the most amazing person in the giver’s life and another said that she made the giver’s world a happier place simply by being in it.

Sue felt bit more happy.

She then looked at the dirty dishes and mess left behind.

She again felt irritated.

Sue felt tired. Her back ached.

Then she noted that all the food she had cooked had been devoured by everyone who all kept going on about how much they enjoyed the meal.

Then she remembered one of the comments that they would rather eat this food than at a fancy restaurant

Sue felt her food and her cooking was appreciated.

Wasn’t this what she had set out to achieve when she invited people for dinner?

Sue decided that surely this is a sign of successful dinner get together

Sue felt successful

Sue felt cheerful

Sue felt little bit less tired and her back didn’t hurt so much now

Then Sue remembered that one of her dear friends had mentioned that instead of getting her a present that Xmas they had donated to a charity that Sue supported

As Sue allowed herself to sit, think, reminisce & reflect, Sue realised that she actually got all her heart’s desires on this x mas day!

As Sue sipped her tea, Sue wondered about the change in her mood and contemplated the reason for her feeling annoyed and irritated just a few minutes ago

Sue realised that the annoyance was merely a negative feeling – a feeling that came from being tired & feeling overwhelmed by the task of dirty house and dishes after her guests left

The negative feeling invited the pack of negative thoughts and she felt angry, upset, dissatisfied

Once she took some time out and sorted her thoughts out, Sue shut the door on the negative thoughts

She opened her eyes to so many positives in the same situations which had just annoyed her so

Sue liked herself for allowing herself to be happy instead of being angry and quarrelsome

Sue felt happy

Sue felt light

Sue decided to allow herself some rest, told herself that the tidying up can wait

Sue reminder herself that the only reality in the world is the relationships she has built in her life.

Rest is all distractions.

Chores are chores.

Chores can’t take place of real things.

So why was she willing to give more importance to chores over the beautiful relationships that her friends brought into her house that day?

Would her friends have cared if her house was bit messier?

She decided that they would’ve been the same.

The judgement was from herself.

She stressed and put the pressure on herself.

But now it was all over.

She congratulated herself for having had a brilliant day and allowed herself a well deserved rest.

Sue woke up happy and fresh on Boxing Day

The chores which had seemed mountainous the night before were finished within an hour

Sue put on her favourite dress to tackle the Boxing Day sales

Sue opened the door and left home with spring in her step and a song in her heart

Sue didn’t feel tired and her back didn’t hurt anymore

Sue had a good Boxing Day.

Sue brought happiness into her life.

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