Kamini : Opioid marketed under the guise of Ayurvedic preparation

Having grown up around the Indian culture and having had the privilege of studying the ancient language of Sanskrit, I have known and understood Ayurveda to be a traditional, herb based, non chemical, healing remedies derived from mother nature. The words that come to mind when I think Ayurveda are: tradition, wisdom, natural, safe.

So when I recently started work with people who are struggling with drug addiction and recurrent mention came up of this ‘Ayurvedic medicine’ Indian men are taking and which they have got dependent on, to the point of requiring assistance from specialist that provides assistance with heroin addiction, it caught me by surprise and intrigue.

Until a few weeks ago I had not heard or read anything about it. And suddenly I am seeing a whole lot of young migrant Indian men who are addicted to the drug. So much so that they are not able to function. They have given up their studies, work and their families are falling apart so what’s going on here?

This ‘Ayurvedic medicine’ is called Kamini. It’s available online and also under the counter at a few Indian food and grocery stores and is marketed as an aphrodisiac.

The label information reads as such:

Kamini vidrawan ras is one of the safest ayurvedic medicine with potent herbs and minerals, constituting a herbo-mineral ayurvedic drug having aphrodisiac effects on human health. It is available in the form of Tablets and also known as Kamini Tablets. It has excitement stimulating effects and properties, that is how Kamini vidrawan ras is helpful in improving sexual vigour,  cures erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. “(www.kaminividrawanras.com)

The catch is that when people start talking this ‘safe Ayurvedic medicine’ they report development of dependence quite quickly and it is similar to the pattern seen in heroin dependence.

And this is how easy it is to buy it:

I just hopped to the website whilst writing this and it took me less than a minute to get to this:

Shopping Cart



Subtotal (1 item): $52.75


 2 clicks is all that it took and I could have placed the order from the convenience of my home. Or as my patients have advised me, I could try my local grocery store and make some discrete enquiries and can get a bottle for about 100 AUD.
This is very concerning.
It somehow gives the air that because its Ayurvedic medicine and is relatively easy to acquire it is safe which is absolutely not the case when you deal with people who have developed dependence after tasking these tablets.
I am using this platform to share information about this drug and its ill effects with a hope to raise as much awareness as possible. I have mentioned only Indian migrant men as main users but that is because I am an Indian medical professional who speaks a few dialects so attract these subgroups but there are other users as well – Australians, other Asian groups, women…
Drug dependence ruins lives – of users and of their loved ones. But fortunately an even stronger drug exists and that is the basic nature of us humans to never give up on each other. And on ourselves. And this quality will help us all to keep on our fight against illicit drugs, in our own special little ways –  creating more awareness and tolerance, one addict and one addiction at a time.

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